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Your Capital Market Partners 


Your Capital Market Partners 


Wright Wiseman Stewart Capital Partners

We specialize in investment banking services in the fields of Finance, Securities, Structured Investment Solutions, Insurance and Real Estate .Book Building Specialist for Private Banks, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Insurance, Telecom and Energy Companies in need of Capital Growth for Initial Public Offering (IPO), Repeat Public Offering (RPO), Mergers & Acquisitions, and Business Expansion and Initial Bond Offering.

We have solid and established professional relationships with Large Institutional Banks, Private Banks as well as Private Portfolio & Fund Managers.

initial bond offering

 We offer full service for Initial Bond Offering (IBO) from start to finish including but not limited to:

  • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) Preparation
  • Term Sheet Preparation
  • ISIN Registration 
  • Bloomberg Listing 
  • Transfer Agent Services 
  • Paying Agent Services 
  • Master Broker & Settlement
  • Paying Agent Services
  • Bookrunner services and client management
  • Ancillary assistance, such as monetisation.

Eterna Private Clients Europe


Asset Backed MTN Pass-Through Debt Issuance Programme

Our MTN pass-through certificate is a type of fixed income security that passes through an undivided interest in a pool of underlying assets or other securities, providing a route to market for assets that are otherwise illiquid.

Hard assets

Many clients hold hard assets such as gold, diamonds and precious stones that are usually vaulted and held in safe custody by their bankers. who will issue a Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR). Through our debt issuance programme, we offer the facility of issuing a new ‘Series’ of the existing base MTN and use the SKR as the pass-through asset to raise funds for their projects or for trade without the need for moving the physical asset. 

In-ground Assets

Our Initial Bond offering service allows those clients with in-ground assets such as, precious metal, precious stone or coal mines to securitise these assets in order to attract further capital. 

Our Pass-Through MTN allows clients to use their new bond offering as the pass-through asset and allows access to the market quickly and more efficiently without the need of the client to appoint Transfer and Settlement Agents and independent asset managers.

Insurance and reinsurance backed performance bonds

Through our preferred insurance providers we have the facility to insure and/or reinsure the new Series offering, ranging from highly capitalised insurers with no credit rating to AA- rated carriers. These relationships are utilised to provide guarantee of repayments of both principle and coupon providing security for the Series Noteholders. This facility is offered on a case by case basis as deemed necessary for each transaction 


Assets Under Management



as of 21/06/2019 We advise assets in excess of USD $58,550,000,000

humanitarian Projects


Projects under review currently (02/04/2019) amount to in excess of USD $23,000,000,000 

debt issuance programme


Our current debt issuance on EUROCLEAR/CREST is in excess of USD $8,000,000,000

Current Issues

Below are our current Issues for our Debt Issuance Programme and is provided for information only and does not constitute and offer to buy securities. Only those that are Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) or regulated entities should request further information. For further information or to request a copy of our the relevant Term Sheet or Base Prospectus please contact us:

Executive office


Paul wright - chief executive officer

Paul Wright is an accomplished and extremely experienced, award winning wealth manager. Trained and qualified in the UK and with over 25 years in the private wealth management and the banking sector, Paul is well versed in international trade finance solutions and provides the very best in bespoke solutions. 


Highly sought after in the fields of book building and platform solutions for private banks and family offices . Paul has for many years worked purely by professional referral. His existing clients include some of most successful leaders of industry, family offices and banking corporations.


Matthew Stewart -Securities Director, Dubai

Matthew is responsible for our securities trade desk in Dubai and oversees a team of hand-picked professionals trading in the structured debt market in both corporate and bank backed securities. 

Matthew boasts more than twenty years experience having held senior positions including Manager for Foreign Exchange for Cantor Fitzgerald and Senior Futures Trader for Daiwa Bank Europe Limited. Matthews brings with him a wealth of experience of forward currency and Arbitrage, Commodities Futures, Repo's, Stock Lending and currency deposits.


John O'Dea - Chief operating officer

With more the 20 years in the financial services industry across the USA, Europe and the Middle East, John has sound business development skills, cross border exposure, a quick thinker, robust analytical strategist with the ability to spot opportunities and trends and develop them into revenue streams.

John has also developed strong Sales, Business Development and Management skills that have enabled him to build a record of sustained sales increases.

John has many professional skills and qualifications. He is an excellent communicator and listener at all levels who can absorb the minutiae of an issue whilst understanding the impact this can have on the overall picture.


Kenneth Wiseman - Chief Analyst & Prop Trader, USA

Ken Oversees trading of all fixed income securities, hedging, syndication, and product creation. Provides the fundamental and technical strategies for overseeing the capital protection component of the portfolio, and the High Yield Portfolio.

Ken trades all fixed income markets (corp, muni, cmo, mbs, cmbs, clo, cdo, abs markets, and NOW emerging markets. He also originates new issue notes from Banks and Financial companies, and create fixed income products with equity components (single stock, baskets, or index).


James Evans - Associate Director, USA


James is a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer and former Executive Administrator  (GS-14) for the Department of Homeland Security. His Naval career includes the Department of the Navy’s White House Liaison and the United States Senate Liaison Office. His vast experience in legislation, mediating with senior government officials and establishing long lasting relationships world wide adds to the diversity of the already successful Eterna Family.

James has extensive experience in unusual and innovative financing.  His recent activities include selling bonds on the internet, exotic currencies, monetization  (hard ground assets), Private Placements, MTNS, BGs/SBLCs and working with public officials and the Florida Legislative assembly to implement “Universal Childcare Funding” initiative.  James’s skill-sets in business administration, and intuitive nature is invaluable to explore and meet the unique needs of each individual client.


Donal Kelleher - Project Management Director

Donal Kelleher a fully qualified QFA with over 20 years' experience as a financial Adviser and project management consultant. Donal identifies and evaluates projects that require funding and management from inception to conclusion.

Donal also heads up our property division assisting developers and investors identify unique opportunities and funding options across Europe, the USA and the Middle East. . 

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